About Us


With our experienced staff, our firm always keeps up with the newest developments and we offer quality solutions based on your needs. Our creative team closely follows the developments in fashion and makes innovative designs by applying different and alternative styles.

With the help of our R&D department, we provide new accessories, quality fabrics and style designs to support our clients.

Our company merges technological advances and client needs to create designs suitable for international expos and media.

While continuing our international operations, we are also marching steadily towards our goal of, winning over new clients both domestic and foreign, and maintaining our place amongst the companies leading the industry.

We export to many European countries, mainly Italy, Germany, the Nerherlands, France, Switzerland and the U.K.

Our goal is to always uphold moral principals and be professional in every aspect of our job. To consider our clients reasonable demands and always try to see the work we do through our clients eyes.